Irving Steel

Choose Now

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The only moment that we truly have is right here and now.

It’s human nature to think of different things in the past. That note you could have written. That event you should have attended. That call you made, or didn’t make, that would make a world of difference.


Or even that “ask” that you didn’t fully complete. That contract that was so close to being signed — but didn’t. That project you were planning to commit to — or anything in between. 


Regrets, mistakes, and past events. These are all complicated and have already happened.


We can spend hours and hours thinking, contemplating, and revisiting the situations. 

Will it change? Will the outcome be better?


Sure– it’s often helpful to do post-mortem exercises whether in life, work, relationships, or anything else that is important to look back and figure out what worked, what didn’t work, and how we can improve moving forward.


Moving forward is the key here, there, and everywhere.

If we continue to look back in these moments through rumination and overthinking, it allows us to be literally stuck in the past.


Some people can continue to have these moments run through their minds constantly. 


It is important that — as much as is humanly possible — that we choose now: think about what we can do in this very moment that will positively impact today and tomorrow.


We have all made decisions and choices that we wish we did differently; that’s fine — we must accept this!


What we can do is focus on the specific moment that we have in front of us and have the opportunity to do something a little different. We have the opportunity to choose the best possible path, direction, choice, etc. that we can! 

We all have stories to tell. We all have unique elements of our childhood, of our relationships, of our schooling, of our work, and every other element of what has transpired up until this point in our lives that makes us who we are.


Just as onions have layer after layer of complexity — and sometimes it takes a few layers of the onion to truly know the state of the onion — humans, too, have intricate details that are literally tattoos on our hearts; we take these occurrences to formulate into what we become in the present moment. 


The only way to predict the future? For sure, the only way to predict the future is to create it!


Then it is worth pondering: what decisions can we make today that will positively impact tomorrow?


Might it be helpful to wake up a little earlier and go for a run? Might it be helpful to eat the extra vegetables instead of the junk food? Might it be helpful to write a kind note to a friend, colleague, or family member letting them know how thankful you are for them? Might it be helpful to believe in yourself a little more and go after that project you’ve been thinking about?


Might it be helpful to implore as much as you can into the very existence of your current being? Might it be helpful to realize that the only moment we have is right in front of us?

Are you where you want to be? If yes, how can you develop this further?


Are you not where you want to be? If yes, how can you make any choice now to alter this situation? 


The hardest spot to be? Likely it is in the middle of a choice: of a left and a right, of a right and a wrong.


Having the conviction to follow your faith, trust, and judgement to the fullest capacity possible takes courage, prudence, responsibility, and follow-through! 


It is ok — be kind to yourself. 


Choose now. 

Choose to be the most passionate you can be about whatever is in front of you, whatever is presented to you, offered to you, and more. 


You can do it!