Irving Steel

The way you do one thing is the way you do all things.

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The simple phrase and mentality can completely transform our lives. It is so easy to rush through things, push off things, or take certain things for granted.

The way we do one thing is the way we do all things. The way we do all things is the way we do one thing.

In the ever-increasing busy world, particularly post-pandemic, we will quickly revert to our old ways. But did the pandemic allow us to learn anything? Did the largest mass, universal disruption in lives since World War 2 teach us anything? Is there indeed any silver lining? 

What if we treated everyone with the same level of kindness that was exemplified during the pandemic knowing all too well that everyone was suffering in some sort and having to overcome whatever they were going through? 


What if we went out of our way to support others in our community to help live better, happier, and healthier lives through stronger support of one another, food drives, mask drives, health supply drives, educational material drives, mentorship events, coaching events, alternative or more accessible healthcare, education, and government? 

What if we took every task at work with the same level of precision and importance of having to defend or protect against a virus? What if we slowed down from time to time as we did in the pandemic perhaps due to inability to access accustomed lifestyle norms to spend more time with family, to cook better, healthier meals together, to explore different creative pursuits such as art, theater, and music? What if we focused on accomplishing every task — no matter how big or how small — with the same level of accuracy and highest level of quality that the leading scientists around the world focused on to miraculously come up with a cure in record time?


What if we care for one another with the same level of kindness, love, and respect regardless of our outer appearance, race, religion, and other discriminating factors as we have seen the universal impact of such things as a virus?

What if we are able to not only teach what we want taught, but also practice what we preach

For me, it is a constant work in progress. I so often try to rush through certain things to just “get it done” when it is in the process of doing the actual work that quality is achieved, that learning is manifested, and that true essence of accomplishment is, well, accomplished!